Founded in 1868, Norway’s largest outdoor organization, The Norwegian Trekking Organization (DNT)Opens in a new window has more than 260,000 members in 57 local member “chapters” across the country, from Kristiansand in the south to the North Cape in the north. These local chapters operate cabins, mark routes and arrange trips, tours (more than 4000 each year) and different courses so there is something for everyone, at all ages. They have senior, junior and children´s groups as well. DNT works to promote a simple, active, diverse and environmentally friendly outdoor life and to preserve nature and cultural values.

Click here for the most popular multi day hike trails in Norway.

DNT has a website called Here you will find all the info you would need to plan a trip in the area of Norway you would like to hike (route, cabin info etc.) Google Translate should work, and the site is pretty straightforward to navigate in, giving you a map with suggested routes, areas to hike in, cabins as well as the difficulty level of the route. You can also download the app for smartphones.






The cabins are spread around all of Norway and are, for the most part self-service, in which you pay a small fee. So if you would like some more creature comforts than a tent gives, the cabins are both convenient as well as cheap. Some are also stocked with some food so if you do not have your own, you pay for what you use. I suggest downloading the offical app from DNT that will allow for this. Many people in Norway plan hikes over several days going from cabin to cabin, why not try it yourself.

Check out this video explaining how the cabin system works

Guided hikes

All the local DNT chapters also arrange many guided trips, all from simple day trips to ones that run over several days. My local chapter is the Stavanger Trekking Association and a click on their page gives me all their upcoming and planned activities. As a “tourist” you are welcome to join!

For more info on hiking in Norway contact me and I will help as much as I can. But remember, I am doing this in my spare time so response time might be longer than normal 🙂

Guided hike to the Sandsa cabin