So what do you need to know if you are going to hike in Norway? The below topics can be read in order or jump straight to the subject is relevant to you. Click each heading for more info.

What´s the “Public right to roam” all about?
Outdoor recreation is an important part of our cultural heritage in Norway. Since ancient times, we have had the right to roam freely in forests and open country, along rivers, on lakes, among the skerries, and in the mountains – irrespective of who owns the land. We are allowed to harvest nature’s bounty – which means not only saltwater fish, berries, mushrooms and wildflowers, but also our sensory impressions of the whole outdoor experience.

How do I get around in Norway?
How you choose to get around is up to you. Almost all trails of interest can be reached by car, train, plane, bus. Norway is a very safe place to travel, whichever way you choose.

Trails and cabins through the DNT association
The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) is Norways largest outdoor member organisation. They maintain the trail system in Norway, operate both self-service and full.service cabins along the trails and arrange trips. Almost all trails are very well marked with signage or the classic red “T” or dot on a stone or tree.

What about the weather?
The most used weather service is Yr, they also have an excellent app to be used for your smartphone or tablet.

Whatever you pack, consider 3-season gear even for summer trips as the weather can change very quickly. There are several good guides on what to have in your backpack online (I suggest packing ultralight), but if you are going to hike form cabin to cabin you can use this packing list here.