Autumn is well on its way in the county and this time I opted for a hike in a mountain area I have not hiked before, parking at Gilja and then heading north. A very calm and quiet Sunday afternoon today with neither rain nor wind,  something we do not get too often this time of year around here. Much appreciated 🙂

The website and trail info there suggested this to be a five hour route (without breaks) in very varied terrain and the odd lost path. I therefore decided to download the GPX file to use as guide should I miss those areas that there was no visible trail (as mentioned in the trail info). I highly suggest you do the same.

Suffice to say I was not disappointed hiking along the wonderful small scenic lakes, autumn painting its colors on the trees and underbrush, finally ending up with panorama views of the majestic fjords of Høgsfjord and Frafjord.

I´ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking….


Beautiful start

Troll (ish)

Looking over at the Frafjordhatten peak

This must be heaven during summer also


Lunch tarp setup