The Stavanger Trekking Association is a progressive outdoor activities organization. The “Kvitlen” cabin is one of their fairly new and modern cabins with a smart layout – so much so that usually all seven bedrooms are booked well in advance. Do not be afraid though, there are several mattresses on the loft if you want to hike in but all beds are booked.

This weekend I was fortunate to be a host on behalf of STF here. Driving in to park the car in the lush and wonderful Bjordal valley is no more than 1hr 15 mins from Stavanger.

Click here for the trail info on All images can be clicked on for full size.

Once in the Ørsdalen valley you pass the old Molybden and Wolfram mines that were abandoned in the late 70´s, so this is a site I have to come back to later and explore!

The entire trail from start to finish is along the Kvitlen river, first part slightly uphill with some slippery rocks but not too demanding as long as you pay attention. On a few occasions there are the added safety of chains and ropes to hold on to in case the weather makes the rocks slippery. The hike only takes appx. 2 hrs.

Looking back down to the Bjordal valley

Lush surroundings

Looking in to the cabin

Prior to the cabin there are several excellent places for tenting or hammocking

The Kvitlen cabin was opened in August 2015. It has 12v lighting, bookable beds via the online service (as also many other Norwegian trekking association cabins have now), food to be bought on site and a clever layout where the social zones and bedrooms are separated. They also have a separate room for hikers with dogs. So you only really have to bring you sleeping liner! Click here for direct link to info on the cabin.

The cabin blends nicely in the terrain

As usual the evening progresses with good food, making new friends over a game of cards and then the house rules calls for the cabin to be quiet between 23 at night and 06 in the AM.

Social evening

And to throw in a little teaser on how this is during summertime, here is a picture from two years ago….