Frey must have been in a particularly bad mood today, dishing out four seasons in a day on our little group of six people on our hike in the Madland area, forty minutes drive south of Stavanger. Wellies were the order of the day, as were rain proof clothing from top to toe 🙂 P.s. All images can be clicked on for full size.

The parking is at appx. 400m msl and we all started out like the billy goats gruff crossing the overflowing river….

Very soon I was happy I had advised everyone to wear their wellies for the hike, no amount of goretex would have withstood this for several hours, nor would any ultralight thinking of “walk it dry” do in this constant wet terrain and 8 degrees celcius….

After half an hour or so of uphill walking the terrain levels out and one can see the Fisketjønn lakes, a good area for tenting and fishing (well, I haven´t fished there myself but they ARE called “fish”-lake/Fisketjønn)

Walking along the lake

And the next lake…

Fuel stop needed 🙂

As we were closing in on almost 5 hours since breakfast, we decided to stop twenty minutes before the original Vådlandsknuten peak (811m msl) was reached. The sun came out and so we found a nice spot where the wind didn´t bite as much and we could have our lunch and a nice cup of tea.

Vådlandsknuten peak can be just be spotted in the top middle

After lunch the sun was still shining…

…..but the weather would soon take a turn for the worse as snow and sleet was in the air coming in sideways, whipping our faces!

Luckily this was the last of the bad weather we saw, from there on and down it went the hill through boulders from a thousands old glacier that once laid here.

A mere 20 minutes before being back at the car park we got some sun to go along with us. It had certainly been a varied trip, taking about four and a half hours in total. Thanks to our good friends who joined us for the family hike this Sunday!

Here is the link to the trip going up (we took an alternate route going back btw to get a change of scenery).