Most likely one of the most spectacular trails in Rogaland, the Viglesdalen has it all. From lush lowland valley forest to high plateau boulder terrain with heart stopping trails a mere meter from 400m steep mountain cliffs, this is not the trip for the faint hearted!

Beautiful drive in to Nes for the parking

To get to the parking area at Nes you have to take either the Stavanger to Tau ferry, or the Lauvik to Oanes ferry (from the Sandnes side). So I spent forty minutes on the ferry and half an hour driving after that.

Famous T markings on the trail

You will quickly find the trail, it is marked all the way in to Viglesdalen (click here for info and map). Normally you see either a T or a red dot on stones and trees, so finding your way is not difficult. After a while you get to the wonderful Hia river.

At the river going up there are several spots you can take a nice break, have a swim (if you do not mind cold water) or just sit to enjoy the views. Another 30 minutes hike and you will be in the most spectacular part of the hike when going in. The entire Viglesdalsvannet lake is as if taken out of a movie scene, with it´s massive drop offs, pulpits and boulders. Why no movie scenes have been shot here is beyond me.

Spectacular scenery

Another half hour of walking and you get to the flats of Viglesdalen, where you will find two older trekking association cabins as well as a new one being built (projected finished October). You can spot the new one at the right hand side, the two existing cabins are on the left behind the shed.

The welcoming committee….

Once there I set up my tent and headed over to the main cabin. If I am tenting alone I enjoy being social with the other hikers. For your info, most of the cabins here in Norway have rooms you can pre-book, and two families that were there had done just that. So as long as you show up before 7pm, the beds you reserved are yours. If not they are up for grabs.

Darkness falls upon the valley

I woke up around midnight when some other tenters set up camp, but quickly fell asleep again (though I am a restless and light sleeper so slept on and off that night).

Day 2

Come next morning and some of the cloudy layers were still looming over the ridge above, meaning my plan to hike the ridge 500m above the valley going back was still on, yes! But first some breakfast.

This cabin has installed a water pumping system, meaning you can have a (cold) shower, fill up your water bottle (no need to filter water in Norway btw) or have some water to brush your teeth.

Water for (a cold) shower etc.

09.45 and I was ready to take on the ascent to the top of the ridge ans hike back. Only part of this trail is marked, so I had downloaded a GPX file to my GPS beforehand to be sure of where I was going.

Several possible trails and routes to take from the cabin

The Viglesdalen valley with the cabins

Looking down on the cabins by the river delta

Walking the ridge going back sees some parts of the trail very close to the mountin edge, so particular attention needs to be had at these points!

I am finishing this report with the picture overlooking the end of the Viglesdalen valley. For those that have hiked this trail they will know that there is another area at the end called Tverrgjøvle which is very dramatic, but to see this you will have to hike the trail yourself 🙂

Looking down on Nes, where I parked the car