What started out as rain in town turned out to be a magnificent dayhike out in the mountains this Sunday. I had read that the finishing touches were being done on the brand new trekking association cabin at the Kvinen river delta and wanted to have a look since it had been some years since I last took this hike.

About one hour and forty five minutes drive from Stavanger got me to the summer parking at Donsen (Rogaland county side of the cabin), with very few other cars there. I saw a couple of other hikers a kilometer ahead of me though and on the trail back and forth I met only a handful other hikers. Click here for a map, elevation and other info of this trail. Expect to use two hours going in to the cabin, how long you spend on breaks is up to you 🙂

After about 20 minutes you reach the top of the plateu that gives you an outstanding 360 degree view of Sirdal.

Lunchtime tarp setup

You really do get some fabolous views on this high mountain plateau and the trail in is not too much up and down, which can sometimes be the case hiking

Stunning trails!

Fairy tale stuffAlong the way you will find several excellent spots for tenting and fishing.  I suggest using a lure called “Lillauren”, as seen in the below picture.

Mosquitos finding NO shelter on my legs….

Some company along the way is nice :-)After appx. two hours walking at moderate pace you get to the Kvinen river where the new trekking association cabin is located. The local power company has also built upstream a power station producing 26Gwh a year.

The new cabin along the delta

I believe this will be another excellent cabin in the Norwegian Trekking Association portfolio and kudos to all the volounteers having helped the builders here! For more info on how to use one of these cabins, click here.

I hope you will take the hike yourself one day!

Almost there – opening in September if all goes well