A stunning dayhike this Sunday to the abandoned mountain farm of Dyrskog. This farm had it´s own episode on the Norwegian television series “Where no one would believe anyone could live”. As it had been a few years since I took this hike last I decided to take advantage of the fabulous weather this Sunday and set off from the house after lunch. 45 minutes driving later and I reached the parking lot.

I was lucky to meet the new owner of this farm whose family is to use this as a holiday/weekend retreat resort. With no electricity and water from the nearby creek, they certainly have their work cut out for them going ahead.

The hike took appx. 6 hours roundtrip with a good rest at the farm.

At the start going through the Berland farm

This hike is not too difficult and offers stunning views from the Marsteinfjellet mountain down on the Ørsdalsvannet lake. This lake looks more like a fjord to be honest, with its steep surrounding mountains sloping down into the sea.

Just another idyllic lake on the way

…and another one

Stunning views!

The Dyrskog mountain farm