Overnight hike to Støle DNT cabin

An overnight hiking trip in Norway this weekend from the Stavtjørn resort to the Stavanger Trekking Association self service cabin at Støle. Sun, no rain for weeks and weeks and more cloudberries than people on the way in – but I did notice that the Norwegian minister of health had visited a few days ago, proof enough that

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Dayhike – Eikjeskogstølen mountain farm

It is not often that I go for a long dayhike after work, but this time the weather was too nice for it to pass up. I have hiked this trip several times before and it is amongst my favourites with its varied landscape and beautiful nature. This time I was lucky and met

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Hiking in Norway and staying at a DNT cabin?

Check out this video from the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) showing how their cabin system is set up and how you and your fellow hikers can use it if you are hiking in Norway. DNT have more than 500 cabins that are mostly self-service and

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Along the love trail to Fannafjellet

This dayhike went to one of my favourite peaks in Rogaland, the Fannafjellet mountain. The view from the top is absolutely spectacular, overlooking deep valleys and steep surrounding mountain ridges.

Driving through a farm road to the parking

The drive itself up to the Espedalen parking area is enchanting, especially in the summertime. You are surrounded by a lush

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Hiking with the visually impaired

On the UN day for the visually impaired, Stavanger Trekking Association together with the Norwegian Association of the Blind set up a hike to the Dalsnuten peak outside the municipality of Sandnes and Stavanger. I participated as a hiking guide and as usual a lot

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Skåpet mountain lodge – Grand opening!

The big day was finally here – the grand opening of Stavanger Trekking Associations new prestigious (and much talked about) new modern cabin project. And what a day it was!

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