An overnight hiking trip in Norway this weekend from the Stavtjørn resort to the Stavanger Trekking Association self service cabin at Støle. Sun, no rain for weeks and weeks and more cloudberries than people on the way in – but I did notice that the Norwegian minister of health had visited a few days ago, proof enough that taking the hike is good for your health. I used four and a half hours going in with a small break at the mountain farm Hommi.

Going back I chose a different trail than going in, the trail that headed down the South Kvitla valley past the other trekking association cabin Kvitlen, up the northern Kvitla valley to Hommi and then back the same route to Stavtjørn as going in the previous day. A total of 35 km and 10 hours walking, making my feet burn at their soles at the end. But I will take this trip again some day nonetheless!

Here is a link to the trip in to Støle. If you want more tips on hiking in Norway, please contact me.

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Easy start at Stavtjørn ski resort

The river on the left runs down to Barbu lake

Beautiful Homma valley

Hommi mountain farm

Hovland cabin on the left

Støle trekking association cabin

South Kvitla valley


Nice to have some company 🙂

Kvitlen trekking association cabin

Up the north Kvitla valley

Hadvardhom lake on the right side