It is not often that I go for a long dayhike after work, but this time the weather was too nice for it to pass up. I have hiked this trip several times before and it is amongst my favourites with its varied landscape and beautiful nature. This time I was lucky and met at the beginning of the hike the owner of one of the remote cabins further up in the mountains, and we had an enjoyable chat.

Tough start

The first section is a tough uphill path which takes about 45 minutes to the first top. With 27c and sunshine the first 500m of elevation was tougher than normal and I took a couple of more breaks than what I usually do. But, as always, when I get up to the Stølsvannet and the majestic Frafjordhatten summit appears, the swaeaty uphill ascent was soon forgotten. Then I passed Hålandsstølen, a mountain farm that a distant relative of me has lived at in the summer many years ago. At this point only a couple of scattered cabins are passed before reaching Eikjeskogstølen mountain farm.

This trip will take appx. two hours going up, one and a half going down.

Click here for a link to the route I took and more info.

At the start of the ascent, 500m elevation in 45 minutes

I have to learn the name of these beautiful flowers soon!

One of the few cabins up here

The summit of Frafjordhatten, 815 msl

The cabin called “Klobben (The club)” at Stølsvannet

Early for cloudberries, but I am not complaining!

Slira area, another of the few and scattered private cabins found here

A nice bath in a creek with fantastic views

At Eikjeskogstølen mountain farm, end point for this trip

Going back down you see the old Hålandstølen mountain farm on the right