On the UN day for the visually impaired, Stavanger Trekking Association together with the Norwegian Association of the Blind set up a hike to the Dalsnuten peak outside the municipality of Sandnes and Stavanger. I participated as a hiking guide and as usual a lot of really friendly people all eager for a hike. The group had more then 20 people in it, with 6-7 visually impaired (from blind to being able to see only partly).

Preparing for the hike inside the cabin at Gramstad

The trip started at Gramstad where the trekking association has one of their cabins. Having gone to the base of the mountain we had to pass one of the fence stairs, and right after this we met a lady (not in our group) who had just slipped and broken her leg on the icy conditions ! She was helped out by us and carried back down to Gramstad where an ambulance was waiting.

Climbing the fence stairs

We hiked our way up the Dalsnuten mountain up to one of the plateaus´ just below the peak itself, and I was mightily impressed by all the participants on their good spirit and hiking skills. Although each participant had a guide, the icy and slippery conditions made the hike today especially difficult. So big up to everyone!

At the plateau

On the way down I also got blindfolded and had my own guide. Hiking blind is definately a strenous excercise, one has to rely 100% on the guide and each step has to be taken carefully as I had very little control myself on the terrain.

One of the other guides helping out

I suggest everyone to participate as a volounteer or guide (this is learning by doing) for visually impaired – it is truly inspirational!