The big day was finally here – the grand opening of Stavanger Trekking Associations new prestigious (and much talked about) new modern cabin project. And what a day it was! This happened in July 2016 btw 🙂

Driving up to the parking revealed that we would definitely not be alone on this hike, there were maybe one hundred cars on the makeshift grass parking lot. Thanks to the efforts of thw Norwegian Peoples´Aid, chapter Strand and Forsand, everyone got their designated space on the field.

From Vinddalen valley

The hike up to the cabin area of Skåpet is easy for all ages and only takes about an hour and a half one way with little effort. Just keep in mind to pay attention to possible slick rocks on the boulder area.

Going up through crossing at Skrøyla several planks have been laid down in the wetlands, making the hike across the bog area easier.

Settled in at the site you see the Skåpet cabin project, envisioned and built by Koko Architects.

The opening committee and volunteers had prepared excellently before the opening, something all participants welcomed. Accompanied by music from Hanne Vasshus and speeches from the Norwegian health minister Bent Høie and Norwegian Trekking Association board member Berit Kjøll ensured that Skåpet got a proper opening. I particularly thought that Bent Høies speech was good, focusing on his relationship with nature and the importance of ensuring access to nature for everyone.

Skåpet mountain lodge is a cabin concept unlike anything else It consist of one main cabin with communal areas and kitchen + a couple of bedrooms and gallery (room for 12). The rest of the beds are in six cabins placed as separate satellites around the “mother” cabin. Each cabin has five beds and panorama windows u to the Soddatjørn lake. The cabins are extremely popular and can be booked in advance (which is needed!). But note that even if it is fully booked, the mother cabin has beds that are not for booking so there should always be beds available.

So – I suggest you take a hike to this spectacular mountain lodge, either as a dayhike or overnight trip. It is well worth it!

Above pic in gallery are from Stavanger Trekking Association.