Majestic fjord views from Gilja

Autumn is well on its way in the county and this time I opted for a hike in a mountain area I have not hiked before, parking at Gilja and then heading north. A very calm and quiet Sunday afternoon today with neither rain nor wind,  something we do not get too often this

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“Kvitlen” – a modern self service cabin in Norway

The Stavanger Trekking Association is a progressive outdoor activities organization. The “Kvitlen” cabin is one of their fairly new and modern cabins with a smart layout – so much so that usually all seven bedrooms are booked well in advance. Do not be afraid though, there are several mattresses on the loft if you want to hike in but all beds are booked.

This weekend I was fortunate to be a host on behalf of STF here. Driving in to park the car in the lush and

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Arne Næss – the call of the mountain

On 1500 metres above sea level, on the slope of the mountain Hallingskarvet, stands “Tvergastein’, the cabin of Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss. In this film, Næss tells about the concept of ‘deep ecology’, which was first introduced by him in 1973. One of the basic tenets of deep ecology is that nature has a value in itself, apart from its possible use value to humans. Next to being a famous mountaineer, Næss was been a longtime activist in the environmental movement.

Four seasons in a day at Madland

Frey must have been in a particularly bad mood today, dishing out four seasons in a day on our little group of six people on our hike in the Madland area, forty minutes drive south of Stavanger. Wellies were the order of the day, as were rain proof clothing from top to toe 🙂 P.s. All images can be clicked on for full size.

The parking is at appx. 400m msl and we all

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Review – Berghaus GR20 storm jacket

Being someone who hike hundreds of kilometers every year, in all types of seasonal weather, having a reliable jacket to use when the wind and rain sets in is of high importance. I live in the southwest coast of Norway, an area

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Things you need to know when visiting a DNT cabin

The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) has made an informative video on how to use their cabins. With more than 500 cabins spread across Norway of which 200 are self-service, knowing your way about how these work is important.

Watch this video to learn more.

Mountain magic spectacular at Viglesdalen

Most likely one of the most spectacular trails in Rogaland, the Viglesdalen has it all. From lush lowland valley forest to high plateau boulder terrain with heart stopping trails a mere meter from 400m steep mountain cliffs, this is not the trip for the faint hearted!

Beautiful drive in to Nes for the parking

To get to the parking area at Nes you have to take either the Stavanger to Tau ferry, or the Lauvik to Oanes ferry (from the Sandnes side). So I spent forty

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Top hiking mistakes!

An informative video from VisitNorway 🙂

Sirdal high plateau dayhike to Kvinen

What started out as rain in town turned out to be a magnificent dayhike out in the mountains this Sunday. I had read that the finishing touches were being done on the brand new trekking association cabin at the Kvinen river delta and wanted

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Dayhike – abandoned mountain farm at Dyrskog

A stunning dayhike this Sunday to the abandoned mountain farm of Dyrskog. This farm had it´s own episode on the Norwegian television series “Where no one would believe anyone could live”. As it had been a few years

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